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April 30, 2011

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Q: What’s the truth about “races”?

Ken Ham answers: When I first moved to the USA 24 years ago, I was shocked at the racism and prejudice I observed in certain churches in some parts of the country. This sort of racism and prejudice was mainly centered around the shade of one’s skin—dark and light. I was also amazed that the American church has not been leading the way in recent times in dealing with racism. Then I began to realize more and more that so much of the church had compromised the book of Genesis or had ignored its history, and they concentrated on moral and spiritual matters pertaining to the New Testament and largely pushing the Old Testament aside. I now understood why the church was not leading in this important area.

In recent times, in many ways the secular world has been leading the way in dealing with issues of “race” relations, particularly as operational (observational) science has confirmed there is only one human race! And this is what God’s people should have always understood from the Bible anyway, as we are all descendants of one man and one woman—one biological race.

We are pleased to release my presentation for you to listen to or download free, entitled “One Race, One Blood.”

Here is an outline:

  1. Answering the question: Where did Cain get his wife?
  2. Basic genetics—dogs belong to one family.  “Natural selection” and “speciation”—evidence against evolution.
  3. Applying basic genetics to the human family.
  4. Evolution has helped fuel a particular type of racism.
  5. Research confirms one race genetically in humans.
  6. The so called “racial” differences are insignificant—the main differences are cultural.
  7. People groups—not racial groups.
  8. The Tower of Babel helped form different cultural groups/people groups.
  9. Understanding skin “color”—different shades, not different colors.
  10. There is no “curse of Ham.”
  11. Understanding “interracial” marriage.
  12. Applying the correct understanding of human history to our everyday world.

You can listen to this talk online or download it free.

News to Note Quick Look

Rapid evolution: Different genome size in two “related” species of cress (genus Arabidopsis) is called the result of a rapid evolutionary process. Read more.

Eyes in the night: Big dinosaur eyes evolved because of the ecologically driven need to hunt food at night . . . so say researchers in a study from UC Davis. Read more.


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