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April 21, 2012

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Q: Is evolution a theory?

A: Dr. Werner Gitt addresses this topic in his introduction to the book Did God Use Evolution? Regarding today’s question, Dr. Gitt says the following:

Use of the term “the theory of evolution” is intentionally avoided, because, according to the standards of scientific theory, evolution is a philosophical doctrine and not a scientific theory.

For the same reason, we do not refer to creation theory, but to the biblical doctrine of creation. Creation research concerns itself with deducing models from physical reality, which are based on fundamental biblical statements.

Read the full introduction to learn more about the negative effects of evolutionary doctrine—both inside and outside the church.

This book is the latest in our series of free online publications of printed works. The entire book will be released in sections throughout the upcoming weeks, so check back often to continue reading. (Or buy your own print copy at the link below.)

Get Equipped

Did God Use Evolution?

Did God Use Evolution?

Worldview does matter. Available in our online store, this thought-provoking book will help you to critically analyze and reject the assumptions and consequences of theistic evolution.

News to Note Quick Look

Molecules-to-dinosaur evolution: Media frenzy triggered by threat of dinosaurian aliens.

“Monkey See, Monkey Read”: A half-dozen happy baboons in France learned to recognize standard English words, demonstrating the biological building blocks for literacy are not unique to humans.

Life on Mars?: A review of data from the 1976 Viking mission suggests unmanned Mars rovers really did find evidence of life.

Pushed to death: Criminologist Jeremy Prichard, in the latest issue of the Journal of Law and Medicine, counters the call to legalize voluntary euthanasia with a sober warning.

Egg-olution: Catastrophically buried together thousands of years ago, dino-mom and eggs come to light.

After Eden

After Eden

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand
Does Biology Make Sense Without Darwin?
Watch Video (Part 4)

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Pray for AiG

Please ask God to guide our preparations for the London Olympics Outreach.

Read the April update to stay current on other requests and praises.

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