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April 28, 2012

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Q: Was Jesus a zombie?

A: We received a hostile email from someone who referred to Jesus as a “cosmic Jewish zombie.” This line is one of many used by skeptics attempting to make our faith sound like a fairy tale, but it really makes them look foolish.

Jesus did come in the flesh as a Jew, so that part is correct. As for the zombie line, anyone who says that has clearly not taken the time to look at the vast differences between a zombie and the resurrected Christ. Zombies are considered to be part of the undead (not alive), often will-less and speechless bodies that have been reanimated by spirits.

The resurrected Christ is not undead, but alive (Revelation 1:18). After His Resurrection, He spoke with His followers and taught them (Luke 24:25–27), reassured them (Luke 24:36–39), and commanded them (Matthew 28:18–20). He ate food with them (Luke 24:43; John 21:15) and urged them to touch Him to see that He was not a ghost but truly risen from the dead bodily (Luke 24:39). He also had a will (John 21:22–23) and performed miracles (Luke 24:31; John 21:6).

Read our point-by-point response to accusations of being “crazy,” and of “confusing Christians who can’t afford to go to college.”

Get Equipped

Get Equipped

The Authentic Christ DVD

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News to Note Quick Look

Purple crab: Bright purple with red-tipped claws, a newly discovered species of crab has been added to the list of truly photogenic creatures.

“Godzillus” rocks!: “This is the ultimate cold case,” says Dayton’s Ron Fine, who after nearly forty years of fossil hunting has found a fossil that baffles the experts.

Out of the hammock without any fire: Easing out of hammocks into earthbound beds presumably helped apelike ancestors awaken to new possibilities.

Louisiana Science Education: The Senate Education Committee has again rejected a proposal to repeal Louisiana’s groundbreaking Science Education Act of 2008.

Deep resistance: Isolated in Lechuguilla Cave, researchers have collected bacteria demonstrating resistance to at least 14 different antibiotics.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand
Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
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Please pray for the graduates of our International Training Seminar as they return to their home countries.

Read the latest update to stay current on other requests and praises.

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