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June 9, 2012

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Q: How did animals migrate to all continents after the Flood?

A: As animals migrated from the Ark landing site in the mountains of Ararat, they surely took a variety of routes initially.

Obviously, they could progress throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa rather easily, since those areas are connected by land. Of course, they would have had hurdles such as mountains and rivers to go around or cross.

Of course, these obstacles would not be such a hindrance for birds and other flying creatures. It only took starlings about 100 years to cover the entire North American continent when about 60 were released in New York City in 1890. With this in mind, it probably did not take long for many places to be populated with flying creatures after the Flood. Many birds can transverse great distances over lakes, seas, and oceans.

Continue reading how land animals could have reached Australia and the Americas in post-Flood migration.

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News to Note Quick Look

More clever critters: The Scientist recently summed up the latest studies of animal behavior, doubtless leaving some again asking what clever animal behavior tells us.

E.T. fossils?: Hugh Ross claims proof for his ideas can be found on the moon.

Parallel universe in Petersburg: Interviewer claims Creation Museum’s presentation of history and science is dangerous and delusional.

Evolutionary mythology: Evolutionist defends William Jennings Bryan against those who re-write history.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

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