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June 16, 2012

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Q: How do frozen wetas “come back to life”?

Answers Magazine coverA: The mountain stone weta—a large insect in New Zealand—can survive being frozen in a block of ice, reemerging after the water melts away. Though it sounds simple, it is impossible for most forms of life to survive being frozen.

The reason? Water expands, forming ice crystals as it freezes. While this is handy for floating ice and beautiful snowflakes, it means that water in any cell will burst the cell’s membrane, with disastrous results. How does the weta survive?

The weta’s blood is very different from people’s. Called hemolymph, it is full of special sugars that prevent the water from crystallizing into mini ice chunks. This preserves the cell structure and allows the weta to survive temperatures down to 14°F (-10°C) for several months. Once it warms up, the weta thaws and resumes life.

More death-defying creatures await in this sneak peak from the summer 2012 issue of Answers Magazine.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedIncredible Creatures That Defy Evolution

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News to Note Quick Look

“Hippie chimp”: Easy-going ape joins the genome club.

Who’s who of human fossils: Identity and age of the world’s largest group of human fossils is in dispute.

Sweet tooth: “We have evolved to need coercion,” says Harvard biologist.

Six secrets of you: What is man? A series of lucky evolutionary accidents—a mutant masterpiece!

After Eden

After Eden

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Video On Demand
“Junk” DNA Is Not “Junk”
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