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June 30, 2012

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Q: Is the Starchild skull an alien-human hybrid?

A: “Starchild” is the name given to a misshapen skull claimed by some to be an alien-human hybrid. The skull is in the possession of Lloyd Pye, who believes mainstream science has suppressed and tried to explain away his claims.

Starchild’s cranium has all the usual bones present in a normal human skull. The oddly shaped skull is symmetrical, but the cranial bones are shifted and misshapen and thinner than normal. The frontal sinuses and brow ridges are absent. The orbits are shallow, the eyes are low-set, and the lower face is somewhat reduced with the zygomatic arches (cheekbones) small and shifted downward.

An anonymous geneticist using newer technology to recover nuclear DNA has found some DNA clearly matching human DNA in the NIH database. But Pye is making much of not only the difficulty extracting the DNA but also the fact that a 342-base-pair sequence failed to correspond to anything in the NIH database. He proposes some sort of genetic engineering occurred to produce an alien-human hybrid or an alien child born to a human surrogate mother.

Continue reading to find out what could have produced the strange features of this controversial skull.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedTaking Back Astronomy

Alien life is just one of the many relevant topics covered in this hardcover look at the heavens. Stunning photographs, cutting-edge information, and awe-inspiring facts fill the pages—along with biblical answers to questions about the big bang, speed of light, and much more.

News to Note Quick Look

“Snuggle for survival”: From the first cells to humans, the evolution of life has been a “snuggle for survival,” says Harvard professor Martin Nowak.

Ancient Aussie art: Narwala Gabarnmang is a huge open rock shelter—and the cave’s ceiling is adorned with hundreds of rock paintings.

Birds beat big bugs: Super-sized flying insects are not just science fiction fodder: the fossil record documents insects with wingspans up to 70 cm (28 inches).

In the beginning, batteries: Where are all the aliens? If life evolved here, wouldn’t it inevitably have evolved in lots of places?

After Eden

After Eden

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand
“Junk” DNA Is Not “Junk”
Watch Video (Part 4)

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