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July 28, 2012

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Q: What do the Olympics have to do with God’s Word?

A: The modern version of the Olympic Games started in Athens in 1896, and although they have generated their share of controversy, the games were meant to foster cooperation, peace, and good sportsmanship. This is far different from the original Olympic Games, which started in 776 BC. These games began in Olympia, Greece, and were held in honor of Zeus. Rules were much different then, as many athletes competed in the nude, and in one event, pancratium, the goal was to box, kick, or wrestle one’s opponent until he submitted, fell unconscious, or died.

The Olympic Games grew rapidly in popularity, and before long similar competitions sprang up in ancient Greece: the games at Delphi in honor of Apollo (582 BC), the Isthmian Games near Corinth in honor of Poseidon (582 BC), and the games at Nemea to honor Zeus (573 BC). While these games were originally dedicated to pagan gods, Christians can use the Olympics as an opportunity to teach the truth.

As is true today, these contests were big business and a cultural phenomenon. So popular were these various competitions that the authors of the New Testament made several allusions to them as illustrations.

See how Scripture relates to the games and learn about an Olympics-sized outreach taking place next week!

Get Equipped

Get EquippedWhy Won’t They Listen? DVD

The huge crowds gathering for the Olympics remind us that so many have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Christian, you are His witness, but often people refuse to listen. Why? In this DVD, Ken Ham clearly shows the answer. Check out this excellent resource to more effectively share your faith. (Also available as a softcover book.)

News to Note Quick Look

Salmon spawning sooner: Salmon said to have evolved rapidly.

Tiny tracks: A trail of tiny tracks in Uruguay’s Tacuarí Formation have evolutionary pundits scratching their heads to sort out the rate of evolution of early complex life-forms.

“Protofeathered” dinosaurs: Fine filaments on Bavarian theropod boasted to “bridge the considerable gap” between “feathered dinosaur” groups.

Primordial wellspring: Carbonaceous chondrites steal comets’ credit for watering the early earth.

Re-defining daddy: Radicalization of the family imminent if California’s Uniform Parentage Act becomes law.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand
Hearing Ear and Seeing Eye
Watch Video (Part 3)

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Pray for AiG

Praise God for our recent Proclaiming the Faith family conference in Branson, Missouri.

Read the latest update to stay current on other requests and praises.


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