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October 13, 2012

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Q: How could plants survive a global Flood?

A: As we will see, ways in which plants and seeds survived being water-logged are straightforward and numerous. It will also be worth noting some misunderstandings about what the Bible actually tells us about the duration of the many stages of the Flood.

First, we know God’s Word is true and there was a global Flood. Knowing the Flood happened, and in light of the fact that we have plants today, the important question is: in what ways did the plants and seeds survive the Flood? The logical argument for the fact that plants survived the Flood is actually quite simple.

  • The Bible states there was a worldwide Flood.
  • We see plants today.
  • Therefore plants survived the Flood.

Someone’s poorly researched and unsubstantiated claims should not be cause for doubt, but this does not mean that when people ask these questions they should be dismissed immediately.

Continue reading to get answers about how plants survived the biblical Flood of Noah’s day.

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Mamba magic: Venomous variations of nontoxic proteins and a potent painkiller in mamba venom point to variability available within created kinds.

Killer crocodiles: Extinct marine crocodiles resemble killer whales.

Religious freedom: First amendment hangs in the balance.

The Lie: Congressman shares belief that evolutionary teaching creates a stumbling block to understanding our need for our Savior.

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