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February 2, 2013

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Q: Are you lying to your children?

A: In a recent article titled “Why I Raise My Children Without God,” the guest writer (an atheist) characterizes her interactions with her children while they were young as “lying” to them and “brainwashing” them. She writes that when her son was three years old, he had questions about heaven:

For over a year, I lied to him and made up stories that I didn’t believe about heaven. . . . I wanted him to feel safe and loved and full of hope. But the trade-off was that I would have to make stuff up, and I would have to brainwash him in to believing stories that didn’t make sense, stories that I didn’t believe either.

The writer goes on to explain that she decided to stop telling her children things she didn’t believe herself.

As parents, of course we should be truthful with our children. And at Answers in Genesis, we advocate that children should be taught to think critically about the claims underlying any idea. However, it is not truthful to raise our children entirely “without God” because God has revealed Himself in Scripture and in nature (Romans 1).

Continue reading to see how withholding this information from our children is not only untruthful, but it’s the very “brainwashing” that this woman is so concerned about.


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News to Note Quick Look

Fish hands?: Development of “pre-hands” in fish said to show how terrestrial animals evolved limbs.

Life? So what.: Pro-abortion writer claims that our “diabolically clever” support for life is a “sneaky, dirty trick.”

Molar roots and our roots: Teeth of Homo erectus grew like modern human teeth but not like chimps.

Tiny dino?: It’s an itsy-bitsy . . . dinosaur? Or bird?

Martian water of life: Looking for water in all the right places.

After Eden

After Eden

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Video On Demand
What’s the Best “Proof” of Creation?
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Pray for AiG

Praise the Lord for several new staff members joining AiG.

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