15 May 2004 

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Q: I heard that a family sewed 115 ‘ragtime’ baby quilts for the Creation Museum. What’s that all about?

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‘People seem to think that Christianity and evolution do or can go together. But I suggest this is only possible for the intellectually schizophrenic. Biological theory does not require or allow any sort of divine guidance for the evolutionary process.’

– David Oldroyd, The (Australian) Weekend Review, p.5, 20–21 March 1993. (David Oldroyd is associate professor in the School of Science and Technology Studies at the University of New South Wales, Australia.)

A: Ignacio and Janis Garcia grew up believing in evolution, until they attended an AiG conference in 1995. Since then, they say, AiG’s biblical message has become a major ‘food’ source for their family, including their two daughters. Wanting to help AiG complete its Creation Museum, they prayed about what to do.

After brainstorming, they came up with a unique way to raise money—and awareness—about the museum: sew baby quilts for anyone who has friends or family members expecting a child. (View entire selection of baby quilts.)

The Garcias’ 16-year-old twin daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, did most of the work.

What does it take to make 115 unique, handcrafted baby quilts in just under two months? 482,400 inches of thread, piles of cotton flannel fabric and batting, love and patience. Lots of patience.

The girls prayed over the quilts as they sewed, asking that each recipient (i.e. the baby) would come to know Jesus as their Savior. They also want to see God build a history museum that will present the true biblical timeline of history, not the false story of death and suffering over millions of years.

The family is offering the quilts to AiG supporters in exchange for a donation to the Creation Museum of $250 (with the entire proceeds benefiting the museum).

To read more about these attractive, one-of-a-kind gift ideas, each with a plush beanie-type dinosaur and a hand-numbered ‘hang tag,’ click here.

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15–16 May
Indianapolis, IN
Dr David Catchpoole

16–18 May
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Dr Terry Mortenson and Richard Fangrad

17–24 May
Honolulu, HI
Carl Kerby and Dr David Menton

20 May
St. Augustine, FL
Dr Terry Mortenson

21–22 May
Clarksburg, WV
Ken Ham, Buddy Davis, Michael Oard, Stacia McKeever

22 May
Ocala, FL
Dr Terry Mortenson

23 May
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