22 May 2004 

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Q: What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘after its kind’ in Genesis?

A: This phrase occurs ten times in Genesis 1. It’s possible God is telling us that He created separate groups of plants and animals, and that one group would not change into another.

Quotable quote:

From a debate between two evolutionists: Lanier is a computer scientist; Dawkins is a professor at Oxford and an ardent atheist.

Jaron Lanier: ‘There’s a large group of people who simply are uncomfortable with accepting evolution because it leads to what they perceive as a moral vacuum, in which their best impulses have no basis in nature.’

Richard Dawkins: ‘All I can say is, that’s just tough. We have to face up to the truth.’

– Evolution: the dissent of Darwin, Psychology Today, p. 62, January–February 1997.

If a dog kind could produce a cat kind, or an ape kind could produce a human kind, we’d have evidence for evolution. But we find that dogs only produce dogs, and apes only produce apes. Yes, there can be great variation within each kind—but this has nothing to do with evolution.

In fact, there’s enough information in the genes from just one man and woman, that they could have more children than atoms in the entire universe without getting two looking the same. This same variability exists in all the kinds of creatures God made. To change one kind into a different kind, new information would have to be added into the genes—but this doesn’t happen.

Scientists should admit that what we see in the animals fits with what we’re told in Genesis—God made each kind to reproduce after its own kind.

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This week’s After Eden cartoon:
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Education question:

What is the difference between ‘operational’ and ‘origins’ science? Find out with ‘It’s not science’!

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Textbook of the month:

Our featured textbook of this month is The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!

Ken Ham, in his own distinct and understandable teaching style, explains how to understand the big picture of earth’s history … from a biblical perspective. He then applies this biblical foundation to the intriguing topic of dinosaurs! The Bible actually makes the subject of dinosaurs come ‘alive’ as their great mystery is solved! You’ll also learn how to effectively use dinosaurs as ‘Missionary Lizards.’

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How would you answer someone who claimed that atheism is more rational than Christianity?

Find out how Dr Jonathan Sarfati responded to someone who believes that a belief in God is ‘irrational and absurd.’

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Praise and Prayer | Upcoming AiG Events

Praise and Prayer

Please pray over the following items during the next two weeks …

  • This week, AiG supporters are receiving a special letter from our Chairman of the Board announcing that all four AiG offices in N. Kentucky will be moving out to a new headquarters facility we are building west of the Cincinnati Airport, and we’ll then be under one roof—and right next to the Creation Museum under construction. Please pray that there will be effective planning now so that when AiG moves into the new facility, its outreaches will not be disrupted. Pray that the offices will be ready for occupancy by September.

  • It’s quite green at the museum site, and it’s not just because of the recent spring rains. About 1,200 trees and shrubs are being added to an already-beautiful piece of property. You can view some recent photos (taken from an airplane) at www.CreationMuseum.org

  • The next few weeks are very busy for our speakers. See the schedule below, and pray for these outreaches.

 Upcoming AiG Events       

Pray for the following 2004 Bible-upholding meetings & conferences, including the speaker and those involved in the planning.

21–22 May
Clarksburg, WV
Ken Ham, Buddy Davis, Michael Oard, Stacia McKeever

22 May
Ocala, FL
Dr Terry Mortenson

23 May
Reedsville, WV
Buddy Davis

23 May
Fairmont, WV
Ken Ham

23 May
Citrus Springs, FL
Dr Terry Mortenson

27–29 May
Winston-Salem, NC
Ken Ham

June 4-5
Syracuse, NY
Ken Ham

June 4
Arvada, CO
Carl Kerby

June 5-12
Grand Canyon raft trip

June 13
Kokomo, IN
Buddy Davis

As always, AiG deeply appreciates your partnership with us in prayer!