3 July 2004 

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 Weekly News        

Q: What would prompt two 16-year-old twin sisters in Ohio, USA, to spend most of their waking hours for more than two months making quilt blankets to donate to Answers in Genesis–US and its museum project?

Quotable quote:

‘If all the animals and man had been evolved in this ascendant manner, then there had been no first parents, no Eden, and no Fall. And if there had been no fall, then the entire historical fabric of Christianity, the story of the first sin and the reason for an atonement, upon which the current teaching based Christian emotion and morality, collapsed like a house of cards.’

– Wells, H.G., The Outline of History: Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind, 4th rev., Cassell & Company Ltd, London, U.K., p. 616, 1925.

A: As we shared last month on our website, Sarah and Elizabeth Garcia decided to use their quilting talents to raise up to $30,000 for the Creation Museum, under construction in Northern Kentucky.

In May, the girls and their parents drove down from their central Ohio home and presented AiG with 115 donated ‘ragtime child-sized quilts.’ The family had also donated all the materials needed to make the quilt blankets (and the beanie-style dinosaur wrapped inside each), so that for a museum gift of $250 or more, the entire amount of a person’s museum donation could be tax-deductible (for US citizens).

Today, we are announcing that these young ladies have also sewn four larger quilts. For a larger donation to the museum, the Garcias see this as a special way for them (and AiG) to thank you for your donation to the museum building fund, and hope that this would be an opportunity to get a smaller ragtime child-sized quilt for a newborn in your family—or as a gift for the family of someone you know who is expecting a child or has just had one. Or these larger quilts could be used by older children … and even adults.

The large quilt packages include a number of carefully chosen accessories (unique to each quilt), a wide selection of AiG materials (books, videos and music), a hand-numbered tag and a ‘care card’ containing words of dedication to the museum—all designed to be mementos of your support of this project. There is only one of each of these quilt packages, so don’t wait too long if one of them catches your eye!

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Annals of the World

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This week’s After Eden cartoon:
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 Education News        


Education question:

Is Inherit the Wind an accurate portrayal of the Scopes Trial?

Rarely does a year go by that the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee play and film Inherit the Wind is not produced by a local school or shown on television somewhere. Inherit the Wind is not a documentary, but it is perceived by many viewers to be a documentary-drama of the famous 1925 Scopes ‘monkey’ trial.  What are the differences between the two? 

Listen as Dr Menton explains the ‘Hollywood history of the Scopes Trial’:

Textbook of the month:

Our featured textbook of this month is Streams of Civilization. 

This history textbook makes up for the secular bias found in just about all other textbooks of this kind by offering a totally comprehensive overview of ancient history (including creation) through the 1620s within a Christian perspective!

Questions? Comments? Let us know your thoughts!


Praise and Prayer | Upcoming AiG Events

Praise and Prayer

Please pray over the following items during the next two weeks …

  • Please pray for the numerous advance museum tours that AiG has been hosting recently. Pray that the many people who are attending these eye-opening tours would ‘spread the word’ and get many more people behind the Creation Museum (faith target date—Spring ‘07) . For more information please go to www.CreationMuseum.org for construction and design updates. If interested in scheduling a personal tour please contact Sharon Mardis at 859-727-2222 ext. 472.

  • In just a few weeks we will be hosting our first ever Creation ‘College’ (in nearby Indiana). So far, over 500 people have registered for this intensive training session for creation speakers (including prospective ones), researchers and writers. Pray that as they leave this ‘college,’ the participants will be better equipped to impact their churches and communities with the creation/gospel message.

  • We give thanks to the Lord for the many parents who have written AiG recently expressing their gratitude for our materials in supporting them in their responsibilities as parents.

  • Pray for an important upcoming meeting with a family who has written VBS curriculum using AiG’s materials. Pray that we will be able to work with them to produce a very special resource that we can offer to the world.

 Upcoming AiG Events       

11 July
Knoxville, TN
Dr Terry Mortenson

11–17 July
Grand Canyon raft trip
Carl Kerby, Dr Keith Swenson

17–18 July
Milford, OH
Dr Terry Mortenson

18 July
Maple Falls, WA
Henry de Roos

19 July
Miamisburg, OH
Ken Ham

21–25 July
West Harrison, IN
Creation ‘College’
Ken Ham and many others

24–25 July
Grove City, OH
Dr Andy McIntosh

25 July
Mishawaka, IN
Dr Monty White

25 July
Covington, KY
Philip Bell

25 July
Batesville, IN
Dr Jonathan Sarfati

AiG deeply appreciates your partnership with us in prayer!