7 August 2004 

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Q: Is evolution really sun worship?

Quotable quote:

ĎAnyone who questions manís reasoning, particularly on the origin of the physical world, faces an arrogance almost beyond comprehension. Many scientists realize the weak underpinnings of scientific models but the spokesmen of naturalism and their media advocates will not abide anything that questions either the supremacy of man, his reasoning power or his conclusions. I have seen media interviewers, who gladly try to tear Christian and conservative guests to pieces, grovel before a scientist who is [one of the] illuminati of evolutionary thought. No one would dare to try to question a living example of the superiority of manís reasoning power. They are in the presence of a high priest of the one and only knowledge—let all the earth keep silent before him!í

– Dr. Emmett Williams, Creation Research Society Quarterly 29(2):84, September 1992.

A: Evolution actually involves much more than life arising from non-life by natural means. Evolution really does away with God and thus allows people to explain their existence without any supernatural being involved.

In fact, evolution is a whole philosophy of life which teaches that man by himself can determine truth—that there is no God. In other words, they believe that life can be explained solely on the basis of what they see acting around them today. In essence, this is their religion!

Part of the evolutionist’s religion is that energy from the sun—acting on a primeval soup millions of years ago—caused the first life-forms to emerge. Thus, they believe that the sun really gave birth to living things. They are really giving glory to the sun’s energy for life.

Down through the ages, culture after culture has worshipped the sun. If you recall, the Israelites were warned not to worship the sun like the pagan nations around them.

Scientists may claim that evolution has nothing to do with religion, but it is their religion to worship creation instead of the God who created the sun and all life.

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