11 September 2004 

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Q: How could we ever know whether or not Eve had red hair?

Quotable quote:

‘The final virtue I shall mention is fidelity to God and dedication to His cause in the world as one’s chief end. The Christian intellectual is here to serve a Name, not to make one. Unfortunately, I have seen too many Christian thinkers who have a certain texture or posture in life that gives the impression that they are far more concerned with assuring their academic colleagues that they are not ignorant fundamentalists than they are with pleasing God and serving His people. Such thinkers often give up too much intellectual real estate far too readily to secular or other perspectives inimical to the Christian faith. This is why many average Christian folk are suspicious of the mind today. All too often, they have seen intellectual growth in Christian academics lead to a cynical posture unfaithful to the spirit of the Christian way. I have always been suspicious of Christian intellectuals whose primary agenda seems to be to remove embarrassment about being an evangelical and to assure their colleagues that they are really acceptable, rational people in spite of their evangelicalism. While we need to be sensitive to our unbelieving friends and colleagues, we should care far less about what the world thinks than about what God thinks of our intellectual life. Fidelity to God and His cause is the core commitment of a growing Christian mind. Such a commitment engenders faithfulness to God and His people and inhibits the puffiness that can accompany intellectual growth.’

– Moreland, J.P., 1997. Love your God with all Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul, NavPress, Colorado Springs, Colorado, pp. 110–111.

A: Even though we don’t have photos, we can say Eve was not a redhead. How do we know, and why does it matter?

The Bible teaches us that all people are descendants of Adam and Eve, so we need to be able to explain why people have different hair color.

Actually, skin and hair color result from the relative levels of two types of melanin pigment: a dark brown pigment, and a reddish version of the pigment. The reason some people have red hair is because they don’t have the ability to produce the usual levels of the dark pigment. Because of this, the red pigment of redheads reacts directly with sunlight to produce chemicals which cause damage to their DNA, which can lead to skin cancer.

This inability to produce the dark-brown pigment is probably caused by a mutation, a result of the Curse. Originally, Adam and Eve would have had both types of melanin pigment—so Eve would not have been a redhead!

When we understand about the pigment that gives color to hair and skin, it’s easy to defend that all people are descendants of Adam and Eve.

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Education question:

How do I become a ‘creation scientist’?

AiG receives numerous requests from students wanting to know how they can train to be ‘creation scientists.’ Find out more about becoming involved in the scientific arena in So you want to be a ‘creation scientist’ ….

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Textbook of the month:

Our featured textbook of this month is The Genesis Files.

You’ll read about a spelunker (cave explorer) who transported Christian films to clandestine places and miraculously avoided capture by the authorities, the first plastic surgeon in the world to successfully reattach a human ear, a family of geniuses, an aerospace engineer who works for the world’s largest tactical missile producer and more. All are young-earth creationists who have followed God’s leading—many at great personal expense. Inspiring and extremely interesting!

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Praise and Prayer

Please pray over the following items during the next few days …

  • Pray for the AiG–USA management team (Carl Kerby, John Pence, Dale Mason, Kathy Ellis, Jim Hatton, Mark Looy, Mike Zovath) as they meet each week to set goals, determine policy and establish direction for this ministry.

  • Remember to pray for all the AiG speakers who go out on a regular basis all over the country. Pray that their message will stay fresh and vibrant, and that the many who hear will respond to the challenge and authority of the Word of God.

  • Praise to the Lord that the move to the new facility went smoothly and that the interruption in work flow and customer service was minimal.

 Upcoming AiG Events       

11 September
Silvis, Illinois
Carl Kerby

11–12 September
Falmouth, Kentucky
Dr. Terry Mortenson

12–15 September
Shreveport, Louisiana
Buddy Davis, Dr. Charles Ware, Dr. Gary Parker, Ken Ham, Stacia McKeever

12 September
Rock Falls, Illinois
Carl Kerby

12 September
Shreveport, Louisiana
Ken Ham

17–18 September
Salina, Kansas
Carl Kerby

18 September
Holland, Ohio
Dr. Terry Mortenson

19 September
Fort Scott, Kansas
Carl Kerby

19 September
Lakeside Park, Kentucky
Ken Ham

19 September
Maumee, Ohio
Dr. Terry Mortenson

20–21 September
Liberty Township, Ohio
Dr. Terry Mortenson, Ken Ham

20 September
Fort Scott, Kansas
Carl Kerby

24–25 September
Waco, Texas
Buddy Davis, Dr. David Menton, Ken Ham, Stacia McKeever

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