November 27, 2004 

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Q: How could Neandertal man be too advanced for evolution?

A: In southern France, they recently found evidence of human habitation hundreds of feet deep within a cave. What makes this find so important is that it’s been dated as the earliest signs of humans in Europe. Only the Neandertals were thought to be the inhabitants of Europe at that time.

Quotable quote:

“For use in understanding the evolution of vertebrate flight, the early record of pterosaurs and bats is disappointing: Their most primitive representatives are fully transformed as capable fliers.”

– Sereno, Paul C., The evolution of dinosaurs, Science 284(5423):2137–2147, June 25, 1999. Sereno goes on to claim that birds evolved from dinosaurs—see Archaeoraptor—phony “feathered” fossil for evidence against this theory.

What they found in the cave was astonishing for such so-called “primitive” people. They found a “complex quadrilateral artificial structure consisting of specially arranged pieces of stalactite and stalagmite.” Also found was a piece of burned bear bone.

Now for the problem. The items were so deep in the cave, that the people would’ve had to have some kind of artificial light, such as a fire, torch or lamp. Also, the structure they found was so complex, it would’ve required the builders to be able to communicate with each other.

Such language skill and technological know-how easily fits the creationist understanding of Neandertals. They were a line of early humans living after the Flood and descended from Noah—but evolutionists have long held that Neandertals could not possibly have done these things.

Neandertals may be a problem for the evolutionists, but not for those who believe in Genesis.

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