February 12, 2005 

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Q: What book raises major problems for evolution?

A: It’s called Darwin’s Black Box, written by Michael Behe, who is not a biblical creationist.

Evolutionist Quote of the Week

“[The human brain is] the most complex structure in the known universe, complex enough to coordinate the fingers of a concert pianist or to create a three-dimensional landscape from light that falls on a two-dimensional retina”. A few lines further on, the author says “the current version [of the brain] is the result of millions of years of evolution. It is difficult to understand the brain because, unlike a computer, it was not built with specific purposes or principles of design in mind. Natural selection, the engine of evolution, is responsible.”

– Gerald D. Fischbach, Mind and Brain, Scientific American 267(3):24, September 1992.

Behe is a biochemist. He started to question the possible evolutionary origins of the complex biochemical systems that are necessary for life. He examined many systems, including the biochemistry of vision and the blood-clotting systems.

These structures turned out to have “dozens or even hundreds of precisely tailored parts,” according to Behe. For example, a system in an organism that just senses light must begin with an array of cells that, according to Behe, “make the complexity of a motorcycle or a television set look paltry by comparison.”

Behe also describes the molecular systems within living organisms as “complex machines,” and that each machine relies on other complex machines. As to the origin of these complex micro machines, evolutionary scientists don’t have a clue. Behe points out that even if he were to avoid mentioning the supernatural, he’d still have to introduce an intelligent designer behind all these systems.

We can’t get away from the truth of creation that we find in Genesis.

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