April 30, 2005 

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 Weekly News        

Q: Can giant sea bass change gender?

A: Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true!

One of the examples is the giant sea bass found in the oceans. From the time they hatch till they reach about 300 pounds, they’re males. Then they start to undergo a transformation. By the time they reach about 400 pounds, they become females and remain that way till they die. Other fish do this as well.

Evolutionist Quote of the Week

“The secrets of evolution are time and death. Time for the slow accumulations of favorable mutations, and death to make room for new species.”

– Carl Sagan, Cosmos, program “One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue.”

This presents an impossible challenge for the evolutionists to explain. Were all of the first ones that evolved males? What made them change gender? If there were no females at first till they all reached a certain size, how did they reproduce? These are just some of the questions about the giant sea bass that the evolutionists can’t answer.

When we turn to the Bible, we read that God created all of the fish—and things that swim in the seas—on Day 5 of creation. Therefore, we’d say that they were wonderfully designed to undergo this unusual change right from their first appearance on the earth.

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 Upcoming AiG Events       

Grand Canyon Raft Trip

April 29–30
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Buddy Davis, Dr. David Menton, Ken Ham and Stacia McKeever
May 1
Onalaska, Wisconsin
Buddy Davis and Ken Ham
May 1
Fenton, Missouri
Dr. Terry Mortenson
May 1–2
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Carl Kerby
May 6–7
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Ken Ham
May 12
Greenville, Ohio
Buddy Davis
May 15–16
Ligonier, Indiana
Buddy Davis and Dr. Jason Lisle

May 15–16
Parkersburg, West Virginia
Carl Kerby
May 19–21
DeKalb, Illinois
Ken Ham
May 21
Santa Barbara, California
Mike Riddle
May 22
Decatur, Alabama
Carl Kerby
May 23–27
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Terry Mortenson and Ken Ham
May 24
San Diego, California
Mike Riddle
May 29
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Ken Ham

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