June 18, 2005 

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Q: Sickness is a terrible thing, so why would Ken Ham say it’s “normal”?

A: Ken will never forget a profound sermon that his brother Robert preached—just before he came down with a horrible disease that eventually took his life in 2002.

As he sat beside Rob’s bed in the nursing home, Ken kept mulling over his sermon. Rob said in these very words:

I want it to be written indelibly on your mind so that it’ll never, ever be wiped away. … The Apostle Paul saw illness and he saw sickness as normal.

I’d like to underline it with a great big felt pen and write it indelibly in every one of our minds. The Apostle Paul saw sickness and illness as normal, living in a world ruined by sin.

Evolutionist Quote of the Week

“Christianity is—must be!—totally committed to the special creation as described in Genesis, and Christianity must fight with its full might against the theory of evolution.”

– G. Richard Bozarth, The Meaning of Evolution, American Atheist, p. 19, September 20, 1979.

Now if you believe in millions of years of history, then God, not sin, would be responsible for death and disease. However, Rob spoke with the compassion of a pastor, reminding his flock that sickness is to be expected in a sin-cursed universe.

Ken believes Rob would then tell us today, that instead of focusing on disease, we need to focus on Christ’s work to redeem us from the curse of sin!

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