July 30, 2005 

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Q: If all the people in the world are descendants of just two parents, then why do billions of people today look so different from each other?

A: We all get one set of genes from our father, and another from our mother. This results in a combination that’s different from our parents—yet all the information in our genes comes from our parents.

Let’s get an idea of how much variability is really found in our genes. If we were to take just two people—one man and a woman—then, if it were possible, do you know how many children they could have without two looking exactly the same? More than the atoms in the known universe. That is an incredible amount of variability.

Noncreationist Quote of the Week

“Are we not all predatory animals by instinct? If humans ceased wholly from preying upon each other, could they continue to exist?”

– Anton Szandor LaVey, The Devil’s Notebook, Feral House, Los Angelos, p. 25, 1992.

Think about this—there are estimated to be about 1080 atoms in the universe. But the possible different combinations of genes from just two people are more than 102000!

God put this same sort of variability into the genes of animals. That is why we see a lot of variation—but this has nothing to do with evolution as Darwin taught. People stay people and dogs stay dogs—just as the Bible says in Genesis.

For a deeper look at genetics and variation see our article Natural selection and speciation.

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