August 6, 2005 

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Q: How are people in our society similar to the first century Greeks?

A: There’s no doubt that America was once a great Christian nation. In fact, years ago, the Bible was taught in its public schools. Prayer and the teaching of the Ten Commandments were a part of the daily school program. Most people respected the Bible—they understood the meaning of sin … and knew about Jesus Christ.

Quote of the Week

“In one of the most recent cases of anomalous dating, rock paintings found in the South African bush in 1991 were analysed by Oxford University’s radio carbon accelerator unit who dated them as being around 1,200 years old. This finding was significant because it meant the paintings would have been the first bushman painting found in open country. However, publicity of the find attracted the attention of Mrs. Joan Ahrens, a Capetown resident, who recognised the paintings as being produced by her at art classes and later stolen from her garden by vandals. The significance of incidents such as this is that mistakes can be uncovered only in those rare cases where chance grants us some external methods of checking the dating technique.”

– Richard Milton, The Facts of Life—Shattering the Myth of Darwinism, Fourth Estate, London, pp. 33–34, 1992.

In other words, like the Jews, the foundation of the gospel was inherent in American society. That’s why evangelists could preach about sin and repentance and see thousands come to Christ.

But things are very different today in America—and many other once-Christianized nations. By and large, the Bible and prayer are not allowed in government schools. Evolution is taught as fact. Today when evangelists preach the message of sin and repentance, there’s an increasing number of people who don’t understand what they’re hearing. They’re like the Greek society that had no foundation for the gospel.

To reach these people with the gospel, we need to follow Paul’s example in Acts 17. We should oppose their evolutionary ideas and explain about the true God and the origin of sin—by starting in the beginning with Genesis.

To learn more about “Acts 17 evangelism” see The Cross—foolishness!

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August 13
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August 14
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August 17
Morton, Illinois
Dr. Terry Mortenson
August 21–23
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Buddy Davis, Dr. David Menton and Ken Ham
August 23–24
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August 25
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August 27
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