September 10, 2005 

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 Special announcement        

Katrina Outreach

We need your help in reaching out to a select group of public school children in a very special way!

This weekend I was scheduled to speak at First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. If you’ve been following the news regarding Hurricane Katrina, you have seen images of the catastrophic damage that has replaced the once-quiet coastal areas of that portion of the USA. During Hurricane Katrina as many as 50 families at this church lost their homes and basically all of their worldly possessions. Every family in that church and, in fact, in the entire community is struggling through the aftermath of this incredible catastrophe.

The AiG speaking event can be rescheduled, but the opportunity for AiG to help this pastor and his church to be the bright, shining lighthouse to their community that they long to be is now!

How you can help

  • Donate a backpack with supplies for children starting school ($10/each—use the ”Katrina backpack fund” option when donating online).
  • If you’re local to AiG–USA in Petersburg, KY, drop off personal toiletry items. See drop-off hours here.
  • You can also donate to help fund the toiletry kit option.
  • Donate to GLS.

Pastor Barnett—a dear man of God—has learned that the public school system of Ocean Springs intends to re-open on September 26. However, most children have lost all the school supplies that their parents bought only a few short weeks ago. When asked how AiG might be able to help, Pastor Barnett shared that over 4,000 bookbags and all the necessary notebooks, pens, calculators, glue, etc., are needed for these students. But due to the devastation, the ability of the families to find and repurchase the materials is almost nonexistent.

We are stepping out in faith to fund and deliver at least 1,000 kits. These kits will also contain a care-card that expresses that Answers in Genesis is supplying these bookbags in the love of the Creator, Jesus Christ, as we’re instructed to do in the Bible. For the high school students, a Why Is There Death & Suffering? booklet may also be included.

We anticipate being able to supply them for only about $10/student (we expect that many of the components will be donated or sold to us at cost). We will supply only as many bookbag kits to this special relief outreach as your donations will support.

Consider asking your children to forego one pizza or one theater visit. Then pray together for the students to whom your bookbag will be delivered. Pray also for their families. Pray for their eternal salvation.

Who knows—maybe because of the love we show these students, some of them and their parents will also attend AiG’s meeting when it is rescheduled later this year. What an opportunity we have to share the love of Christ with people as God tells us to do in His Word!

How many Ocean Springs public school students will your family adopt?

In the love of the Creator,
Ken Ham, president, AiG–USA

P.S. Through a “missions fund” at AiG, we are also going to supply “toiletry/hygiene kits” to the nearly 500 people in Pastor Barnett’s congregation. Soap, toothpaste, shampoo, Tylenol and a few other basic items that are now exceedingly rare for these dear people will be included. These kits will cost us about $8 each. If you’d be willing to help fund these as well, please add a donation to the “core ministry outreach” box on the donate page. Finally, if you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and can drop off disposable diapers, baby wipes and powder, blankets and pillows (click here for a map to our headquarters), a drop-off location in the Creation Museum parking lot will be available starting Monday. It will be open Monday through Saturday (9 am to 6 pm) and Sunday (1 pm to 5 pm) until we load the AiG trailers to drive to Mississippi on September 22.

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