January 28, 2006 

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Q: How is the tree frog evidence for creation?

A: Tree frogs have a number of characteristics that evolution has a hard time explaining. Let’s take a good look at their marvelous design features.

The Nature of the Fossil Record

“95% of the fossils (by number) consist of shallow marine organisms (e.g., corals, shellfish).

“Of the remaining 5%, 95% are all the algae and plant/tree fossils (including the coal) and all the other invertebrate fossils (e.g., insects).

“5% of the 5% (or 0.25% of the entire fossil record) are the vertebrate fossils (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals).

“Only 1% of this 0.25% (or 0.0025% of the entire fossil record) are vertebrate fossils that consist of more than a single bone! (E.g., there are only about 2,100 dinosaur skeletons in all the world’s museums.)”

– Kurt Wise, “The Nature of the Fossil Record,” ICR lecture.

For instance, frog eggs don’t have a hard shell to protect them and keep them moist. So laying eggs like these in trees would quickly lead to dried-up eggs and, well, no more tree frogs!

But God provided for this by giving them a special way of protecting the eggs. The female frog covers the eggs with a layer of bubbly foam and the male beats it into a lather with his hind legs … kind of like beating egg whites. After the foam has been beaten, the outer layer dries and keeps the eggs inside nice and moist. The eggs can then hatch into tadpoles.

Evolution can’t explain how the female developed the ability to produce the foamy layer of protection or how the male knew that he had to beat it into a lather. Evolution doesn’t have answers for these sorts of problems or any others. God—not blind chance—designed and created life.

The tree frog is not the only species with an incredible reproduction process. Our Creator’s ingenuity offers even more fascinating variation in frogs—check out Amazing birth!

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