June 3, 2006 

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Q: Are cavemen really the primitive brutes we often see pictured in evolutionary books?

A: First, we do believe in cavemen. In fact, we have a very simple definition of cavemen: cavemen are men who live in caves! Even today there are people in different parts of the world who live in caves.

But do we believe cavemen were primitive beings? Not at all. Evolutionary scientists have indoctrinated people to think that cavemen used stone tools and ate their meat raw, or charred it over an open fire.

But in Japan, scientists discovered evidence of cavemen who actually built ovens. And as the scientists said, they showed a high degree of culinary sophistication. The researchers went on to say that using such stone ovens allows a person to cook more delicately without burning the meat. These cavemen certainly don’t sound like primitive, brutish creatures.

Who were these cavemen then? After the Tower of Babel, people spread out over the earth, and some of them started living in caves. Actually, when you think about it, cavemen are our relatives!

The idea that humans who once lived in caves were primitive brutes is not derived from the evidence; rather, it is a consequence of evolutionary conditioning. We need to remember that evidence must be interpreted—it does not speak for itself. To read some of the evidence, and consider it from the viewpoint of biblical history, see The amazing cave people of Malta.

Evolutionist quote of the week

“The major global cooling period that gradually took place more than 5 million years ago corresponds with the appearance of the first hominids, called australopithecines. It happened because—in the view of many scientists—at least one species of tree-dwelling ape was able to adapt to the disappearance of its forest habitat by learning to forage on the ground and walk on two legs, leaving hands—which had evolved to grasp tree limbs—free to hold and carry food and objects, some of which later became tools.

“The new discoveries relating the emergence of Homo sapiens to global climate changes have solved one of the mysteries in the human story by providing, at least in ecological terms, the missing link in the history of evolution.”

– Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, p. 63, 1993.

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