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June 17, 2006 

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Q: Who’s to blame for the loss of Christian morality in our nation?

A: Some say it started when prayer and the Bible were taken out of schools or when abortion was legalized. Not surprisingly, these relate to moral issues. We suggest that these are really symptoms of something far more troubling. And the church, not the world, is ultimately responsible.

We believe Satan is still using the same tactics he used in the Garden of Eden. He asked Eve, “Did God really say that?” (Genesis 3:1). He knew that if he could get her to question the authority of Godís Word, sin would follow.

Today, he’s doing exactly the same thing. For 200 years, he’s been convincing many in the church to reject the Bible’s clear teaching about the history in Genesis. Consequently this generation no longer listens to the Bible’s message about morality because it is based in that history.

To restore morality, we need to restore the foundation that the Bible’s history, beginning in Genesis, is true. All Christian morality and all Christian doctrine are, ultimately, based in that history. Once people know they can believe the history in the Bible, they will be more willing to listen to the message of the gospel and adhere to Christian morality.

Learn more about the creation basis for morality at Get Answers: Morality.

Media quote of the week

“All Abortions 25% Off: In January, a Denver General Hospital clinic began a program to attract reluctant inner-city pregnant women to get prenatal care by offering them free lottery tickets. And in May, a fee-charging family planning clinic in Wilmington, Del., began offering abortions at a 25 percent discount to women under age 18.”

– Chuck Shepherd, News of the Weird, The Salt Lake Tribune, July 25, 1993, p. A-17.

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June 18
Chantilly, Virginia
Dr. John Whitcomb
June 21–22
Wellington, Ohio
Buddy Davis
June 22–24
Columbus, Ohio
Ken Ham and Mike Riddle
June 24–25
Auburn, Nebraska
Video conference
June 24–25
Greenfield, Indiana
Buddy Davis
June 28 – July 2
West Harrison, Indiana
Creation College 2
July 2
Lynchburg, Virginia
Carl Kerby
July 4
Ozark, Missouri
Special outreach

July 7
Blanchester, Ohio
Buddy Davis
July 9
Cary, North Carolina
Ken Ham
July 9
New Carlisle, Ohio
Daniel Lewis
July 14–15
Louisville, Kentucky
Home Educators Conference
July 15–16
Studley, Kansas
Dr. Tommy Mitchell
July 15
Hebron, Kentucky
Forum (various speakers)
July 16
Walton, Kentucky
Carl Kerby
July 22–23
Richmond, Virginia
Carl Kerby and Bill Jack

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