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June 24, 2006 

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Q: Is the topic of origins important when witnessing to non-Christians?

A: It’s absolutely important to understand that evolution is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When Ken Ham visited Edinburgh, Scotland, a number of university students came up after he had given a lecture on creation and said, “We suddenly realized something tonight. When we’re trying to witness to non-Christians at the university, they always bring up the same two questions.”

Ken stopped them and said, “I can tell you what those two questions are about: creation/evolution and death and suffering.”

“Yes,” they said, in surprise, “they’re the two that come up over and over again. But we’ve been told by our churches to ignore those questions and just tell them about Jesus dying for their sins on the Cross.”

Then they said, “What you’re telling us is that we need to deal with those questions to show that we can give answers for what we believe. We need to show them that evolution is not a proven fact, so they will listen when we talk about the gospel message.”

Precisely. We need to answer these “stumbling block” questions in order to witness effectively to non-Christians.

Christians are finding it more difficult to share their faith during today’s “culture wars.” This is the theme of Ken Ham’s free online booklet Evolution, Creation and the Culture Wars (PDF).

Quote of the week

“Theistic evolution may be defined as an anesthetic which deadens the patient’s pain while atheism removes his religion.”

William Jennings Bryan

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June 24–25
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June 24–25
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June 28 – July 2
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Creation College 2
July 2
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Carl Kerby
July 4
Ozark, Missouri
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July 7
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Buddy Davis
July 9
Cary, North Carolina
Ken Ham
July 9
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Daniel Lewis

July 9
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July 9
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July 14–15
Louisville, Kentucky
Home Educators Conference
July 15
Hebron, Kentucky
Forum (various speakers)
July 15–16
Studley, Kansas
Dr. Tommy Mitchell
July 16
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Carl Kerby
July 22–23
Richmond, Virginia
Carl Kerby and Bill Jack
July 25
Pensacola, Florida
Dr. Terry Mortenson

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