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July 29, 2006 

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Introducing AiG’s newest online feature: News to Note

Ever troubled by the latest news reports? Wondering how it all fits in with the biblical worldview? Do you see the latest evidence that “confirms” evolution and wonder, “How should I understand that as a Christian?”

Our new News to Note column, a weekly feature, will help you understand how you can view the world around you through biblical lenses and make sense of the effects of the Curse, learn how real science confirms the Bible, and see the need for the gospel in today’s society.

The first column is now available … check it out!

Creationist quote of the week

“American children, ages 2 to 17, spend an average of 19.4 hours watching TV each week (Nielsen Media Research, 2000). And this doesn’t include the time spent going to movies, playing computer games, surfing the internet or reading comic books and magazines. Our children are inundated with messages from the media, which by and large have an evolutionary, anti-Christian foundation.”

– Carl Kerby and Ken Ham, War of the Worldviews, Answers in Genesis, p. 9, 2005.

Recommended resources:

Answers Magazine
Answers Magazine
War of the Worldviews (Softcover)
War of the Worldviews (Softcover)
Understanding the Times (Hardcover)
Understanding the Times (Hardcover)
Popular Origins Beliefs chart (Poster)
Popular Origins Beliefs chart (Poster)

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This week on

July 22: Dedicated to the glory of God
July 24: An exam to examine evolution
July 25: Digital evolution?
July 26: Archaeology and the Bible
July 27: Creation: Facts of Life, part 13: Variation within created kinds
July 28: Feedback: What message should be passed on to our children?


This week’s After Eden cartoon:

After Eden is a simple, one-panel, biblical cartoon for the whole family to enjoy. Check back every Monday for a new laugh at


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 Upcoming AiG Events       

July 29
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ken Ham book signing
July 29–30
Lexington, North Carolina
Mike Riddle
July 30
Hickory, North Carolina
Mike Riddle
August 1
Decatur, Alabama
Video Conference
August 1–4
Warrensburg, Missouri
Dr. Tommy Mitchell
August 2
Florence, Kentucky
Carl Kerby
August 6
Harrison, Ohio
Carl Kerby
August 6–8
North East, Maryland
Ken Ham
August 6–9
Baxter, Minnesota
Video conference

August 11–13
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Dr. Terry Mortenson
August 11–13
Mount Vernon, Ohio
Buddy Davis
August 12
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dr. Terry Mortenson
August 12–13
Lake Ann, Michigan
Carl Kerby
August 13
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dr. Terry Mortenson
August 13
Farmington, Minnesota
Video conference
August 13
Walloon Lake, Michigan
Carl Kerby
August 14
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dr. Terry Mortenson
August 14–18
Westby, Wisconsin
Mike Riddle

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