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August 19, 2006 

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Q: Why would Darwinists be upset with a secular museum?

A: Last year, the Smithsonian made news when it agreed to co-sponsor the national premiere of the film The Privileged Planet. It’s a documentary that focuses on astronomy and Earth’s place in the universe—and that all of this looks “designed.”

Supposedly, when the Discovery Institute, an Intelligent Design group, approached the museum about the film, the staff said they liked it … and would co-sponsor it … for a contribution.

After the invitations had been mailed for a private, invitation-only screening, a New York Times article came out about the film. The museum was flooded with calls and emails from angry Darwinists who demanded the event be canceled.

While the private screening wasn’t canceled, the Smithsonian started backpedaling ... quickly. It returned the $16,000 rental fee and issued the following statement:

“Upon further review, the Museum has determined that the content of the film is not consistent with the mission of the Smithsonian Institution’s scientific research.”

The film didn’t even mention creation or evolution—just the design in the universe.

Darwinists often pull out the stops to protect their sacred religion. Is their belief system really so weak?

For a closer look at the Smithsonian controversy, see The Smithsonian Institution makes “intelligent” decision and the subsequent update in a sidebar in the article, titled “Smithsonian backpedaling.”

Antibiblical quote of the week

“Now, whatever imperfections may yet obscure the full value of the Mesopotamian records, everything that has been clearly ascertained tends to the conclusion that the assignment of no more than 4000 years to the period between the time of the origin of mankind and that of Augustus Caesar, is wholly inadmissible. Therefore the Biblical chronology, which Canon Rawlinson trusted so implicitly in 1859, is relegated by all serious critics to the domain of fable.”

– Thomas H. Huxley , “Science And Hebrew Tradition Essays”, 1897, pp. 211, 212

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