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February 24, 2007 

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Q: A fossil clock—what does it mean?

A: Because of the intense evolutionary indoctrination we’ve all received, most people assume that it takes millions of years for sediment—like sand or mud—to harden into rock. But given the right ingredients, this can actually happen quickly. Mixing cement is an obvious example, by the way.

On our website, we showed the picture of the mechanism of a clock encased in solid rock, along with sea shells. Of course, no one believes this clock was made millions of years ago. The clock was found in 1975 near a jetty at Westport, Washington. We know that there have been many shipwrecks in this area.

Obviously, the right mix of sand and other substances hardened around this clock, making it look like a clock in hard rock!

There’s really nothing spectacular about this at all—these sorts of things happen all the time in different parts of the world. But the average person doesn’t usually hear about them, and thus they go on thinking that rocks and fossils must take millions of years to form.

This “clock in the rock” will eventually be displayed in our Creation Museum near Cincinnati, where we’ll be teaching people the truth about the history of the world … according to the Bible.

For more information about fossils, see Fossils Questions and Answers.

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The deadline for registering for the spring session of the online course Foundations in Creation Apologetics is quickly approaching. Registrations will be taken through February 26. The 12-week course will begin on March 4 and continue through May 26. Cost for the course is $139, and you can find out more about the course, including the topics and activities covered in the course, at We hope you will consider taking this course to strengthen your understanding of the diverse issues involved in defending the Bible’s authority.

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