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March 17, 2007 

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Q: How does molecules-to-man evolution have an information problem?

A: Information is the real heart of the problem for people who believe that life could have arisen by natural processes. All life is built up on the basis of information. This information is contained in our DNA—the molecule of heredity. It’s like a series of letters and a code to read them.

A good comparison would be the Morse code. If you understand the code with dots and dashes representing letters of the alphabet, you can read something that’s put in Morse code.

If evolution were true, then the very first organism had to have information in the form of letters and a code. Evolutionists say that as organisms evolved, new information had to be continually added. In other words, millions of times over millions of years, new information would have to be generated by random processes and added to the genetic system.

Now here’s the clincher. No one has ever documented even just one instance of new information arising from matter by itself. All observations in science show clearly that information only comes from previously existing information, and ultimately from an intelligence. And this fits with creation—not evolution.

For further reading on the information problem with molecules-to-man evolution, see Get Answers: Information Theory.

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