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April 21, 2007 

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Q: Why are hundreds of churches in America celebrating “Evolution Sunday”?

A: A university professor from Wisconsin used his school’s website to encourage churches and Christian leaders to support evolution.

On February 12, last year, he organized what he called “Evolution Sunday.” Over 400 churches in 49 states signed up to participate in celebrating Darwinís birthday! In 2007, over 580 churches in all 50 states participated.

Various resources were recommended for the pastors to use as they prepared special messages that day. Some of the resources came from an organization led by a known atheist!

Think about it: Darwin popularized a philosophy that is being used in attempts to destroy the foundation of the church, and now hundreds of churches dedicated a Sunday service in praise of this man and his bankrupt philosophy! No wonder the Christian fabric of America is collapsing … so many churches are giving up Godís Word for Darwinís word.

Actually, it seems to be another example of Romans chapter one, where the Apostle Paul tells us about people who worship the creature instead of the Creator. Sadly, nothing is new under the sun.

Answers in Genesis is planning a “Creation Sunday” some time in the future to worship and praise the Creator God of the Bible! We will provide more details once they are available.

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April 22
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April 22
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April 22
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April 22
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Dr. David Menton, Ken Ham
April 22
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April 22
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April 25
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April 26
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Right to Life Banquet sponsored by Seven Baskets
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April 27
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon Geology Raft Trip
April 28
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April 28
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Dr. David Menton, Dr. Terry Mortenson
April 28
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