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June 16, 2007 

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Q: What did the early church fathers believe about the days of creation in Genesis?

A: A number of biblical creation scholars have thoroughly researched what these church fathers believed. They found that based on the biblical text, the majority of church fathers either specifically stated that the days of creation were ordinary days or that the universe could only be a few thousand years old.

In fact, when you look at 18 centuries of biblical scholarship—beginning from the time of Christ—a significant majority of biblical scholars believed that Genesis taught that the creation days were literal days. They believed the universe could only be thousands of years old.

The reason most biblical scholars of the past 200 years believe the creation days are not ordinary days has nothing to do with what the Bible clearly states in Genesis 1. What’s the reason? It’s because they’ve been influenced by secular scientists to believe in millions of years.

When Christians reinterpret the days of creation to fit in millions of years, they’ve undermined the authority of the Word of God … and made fallible man the authority.

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