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July 7, 2007 

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Q: Did Adam have to learn a language?

A: We’re born with the ability to speak, and then our parents teach us a language so we can communicate with each other.

But when Adam and Eve were created, they were mature human beings. Their brains were also mature. God must have programmed them with a language so they could speak to each other, speak to God, and understand everything perfectly.

As you know, the Bible makes it clear there was no death or bloodshed of man or animals before sin. But some Christians claim that there must have been death before Adam—in order to account for the supposed millions of years of fossils. They then say that Adam would have had to actually observe death to understand what God meant when He said that Adam would die if he ate the fruit he was commanded not to.

But Adam didn’t have to observe death to know what the word meant. He was already programmed with a language so that he could speak to God. Adam knew the meaning of every word perfectly from the beginning—including the word death.

For more information, see Do leaves die?

Correction: In the previous issue of Answers Update, we inadvertently provided a different transliteration for Mokele Mbembe than what is generally accepted. We apologize for any confusion.

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