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July 14, 2007 

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Q: Should Christians divide over different interpretations of Genesis?

A: Many Christians think that what we believe about Genesis isn’t that important, as long as a person believes in the virgin birth and resurrection of Christ—they see Genesis only as a “side issue.” But we need to look at a number of issues here, including “the big picture.”

First of all, the major principle involved is biblical authority. Does it matter how you read the Word of God? If the Bible clearly states something, like creation in six days, but we say we don’t have to believe that, then we’ve unlocked a door that undermines biblical authority. And if we do this, what’s to stop others from pushing that door open through the rest of Scripture, as many have done, and to deny the bodily resurrection of Christ?

Second, the foundation of the gospel and why Jesus came and died for our sins is dependent on Genesis being literal history. Is this a side issue that we can sweep under the carpet while agreeing to disagree? We suggest that a non-literal understanding of the historical account given in Genesis leads to a slippery slope of compromise in other areas of Christian doctrine.

We certainly must stay true to God’s Word, and accept it all as written.

For more information, please see What is biblical creation and why is it important?

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