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November 3, 2007

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Has the missing link been found?

For many people, evolution is more than just a scientific argument about origins: they use it as their philosophy of living, and it impacts every area of their life. Those who want to reject the Creator are always looking for evidence to support their belief system of evolution.

Christians should be aware that every so-called “missing” link between man and ape has been rejected by scientists. Even many evolutionists throw out Neanderthal man and “Lucy” as our ape-like ancestors. But we shouldn’t even have to turn to science to know that these “ape-men” are false. The Bible clearly tells us that God created humans and animals reproducing after their own kind.

What’s the real missing link? It’s humankind’s relationship to the Creator. He made them, and He’s never been missing. We’re made in the image of God and are meant to worship and obey Him.

For more information, see The Neandertals: Our Worthy Ancestors, Part I? and Part II.

News to Note Quick Look

Flame-headed Neanderthals: It’s a common caricature in textbooks, movies, and—more true than ever today—TV shows: a brow-ridged, (often) club-carrying Neanderthal, covered in thick, messy red hair.

Wait a second—red hair? Contrary to nearly all artists’ interpretations of Neanderthals as dark-haired, a DNA study published in the journal Science has shown that some Neanderthals (sometimes spelled Neandertals) were “probably redheads,” reports BBC News.

Questions about Dark Matter: Dark matter, a moderately evil-sounding, hypothesized component that is described as helping hold galaxies together, was all the rage just a few months ago. Now, a team of two astrophysicists is arguing that their modified theory of gravity explains the data and leaves no role for dark matter.

Also: water on Mars, an ancient seal, and the design of the tortoise. Read more.

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