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June 21, 2008

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Q: Were cavemen really primitive?

A: What comes into your mind when you hear the word cavemen? We have been so evolutionized that the majority of people immediately think of hairy, brutish men usually dressed in animal skins who carry a big club, which they use to attract (well, clobber) a wife. We also think of them making grunting noises to each other because they have not yet learned to speak properly. And sadly, the terms cavemen, primitive, and prehistoric tend to go together into the same sentence and then into our thought processes.

In contrast, when we hear the words the sixties, we usually think of the Beatles, the assassination of JFK, and the Apollo moon landings. Would you ever think there could be a connection with these two apparently different worlds?

In a place called Kinver, near Stourbridge in the center of England, some rock houses, now owned by the National Trust, are a fascinating place to visit. These caves were the basis for eleven separate houses for many years. The last inhabitant was forced to leave in 1967 due to legislation which prohibited dwellings that were devoid of electricity, sanitation, and running water. Reluctantly, these cavemen of the sixties left their caves for normal houses.

To see these modern day “cavemen” for yourself and to read more, visit Kinver Caveman on our site.

News to Note Quick Look

Evolution Overhaul: A bill on its way to the governor of Louisiana proposes the unthinkable: let students bring their critical thinking skills to bear on Darwin’s conjecture. As you can imagine, evolutionists aren’t happy. Read more.

A Trio of Super-Earths: None of them have been named Krypton, but astronomers have identified three “Super-Earths” in a star system 42 light-years from Earth. What is a “super-earth” anyway? Read more.

Just Add Life: “The odds are improving that life exists beyond Earth,” begins a ScienceNOW article, crediting the change to a study of a “billions-of-years-old” meteorite. But is there any substance behind the bravado? Read more.

Also: time-traveling apes, a dinosaur graveyard, old news on the appendix, the Creation Evolution Museum, and fighting fire with fire. Read more.

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Answers ... with Ken Ham

After Eden

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Video On Demand: Genesis, Babel & the Chinese Language
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