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August 2, 2008

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Q: Did Darwin degrade women?

A: According to Charles Darwin, the central mechanism of evolution is survival of the fittest. In this concept, inferior animals are more likely to become extinct while the superior ones are more likely to thrive. The racism that this idea has produced has now been both well-documented and widely publicized. Less widely known is the fact that many evolutionists, including Darwin, taught that women were both biologically and intellectually inferior to men.

According to Darwinian theory, women were less evolved than men, and because of their smaller brains, they were “eternally primitive,” childlike, less spiritual, more materialistic, and “a real danger to contemporary civilization.” The supposed intelligence gap that many leading Darwinists believed existed between human males and females was so large that some leading Darwinists classified them as two distinct species—males as Homo frontalis and females as Homo parietalis. The differences were so great that Darwin was amazed “such different beings belong to the same species.”

Reasons for male superiority included the conclusion that war and hunting pruned the weaker men, allowing only the most fit to return home and reproduce. Women, in contrast, were not subject to these selection pressures but were protected by men, allowing the weak to survive.

Many Darwin biographers, including Peter Brent and Evelleen Richards, conclude that Darwin had a low opinion of women. Brent concluded, “It would be hard to conceive of a more self-indulgent, almost contemptuous, view of the subservience of women to men” than Darwin’s attitude.

To find out more, see Darwin Taught Male Superiority.

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News to Note Quick Look

All wet: NASA’s Phoenix lander has identified water in a soil sample collected from Mars—no small source of excitement for those who proclaim “where there’s water, there’s life.” Read more.

Tissue issue: Not so fast! The much-publicized soft tissue found inside a T. rex thigh bone (supposedly millions of years old) may not be dinosaur protein after all, if the research of a University of Washington scientist is correct. Should we toss out yesterday’s “facts”? Read more.

Also: our diamond life, a Titan of a find, the nerve to fly, suiting up in fish, and finding the lost. Read more.

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After Eden

After Eden

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Video On Demand: Creation: Science Confirms the Bible Is True
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