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September 6, 2008

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Q: Changing our mind?

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A: Creationist researchers strive to understand what the earth’s rock record has to teach us about God’s judgment and mercy. While we never waver on God’s Word, we must constantly reevaluate models and adopt new ones if they make better sense of the evidence. British researcher Paul Garner made such a radical shift when he learned what the catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT) model can explain.

It’s encouraging to see the growing number of modern scientists engaged in constructing the creation model of origins. Simply attacking evolutionary theories is insufficient. Instead, our main efforts need to be channelled into showing how the biblical framework of history explains the world around us better than any alternative.

Creationists want to reclaim the natural sciences for Christ, and that means constructing new theories in biology, geology, and astronomy that are founded on the Bible and consistent with the scientific data, and then fitting those theories together in a coherent creation model. This is no easy task. It’s much simpler to criticize evolution than to build positive alternatives that can withstand rigorous examination.

Since the advent of modern geology, John Whitcomb and Henry Morris’s 1961 book, The Genesis Flood, was pretty much the first attempt to create a creationist theory of the earth. But it was only a start. Their ideas need to be updated, improved, built upon, and integrated with new theories to produce a coherent creationist model of earth history.

The Bible gives information that can help in interpreting the clues we unearthed in geological studies, but many questions remain.

Read about what questions remain—and how author Paul Garner answered some of them—in Time for an Upgrade? It’s a special sneak peek into the upcoming October–December issue of Answers magazine that features the creation model and examines global warming.

News to Note Quick Look

The armor of evolution: It’s yet another rock-solid proof of Darwin’s theory—at least in the eyes of Darwinists. Read more.

Misidentifying modern humans: News broke last week of the misinterpretation of Palauan bone fragments, which had led to the misidentification of a modern human as something else. It isn’t the first time! Read more.

Also: evolutionists join the attack, stem cells that honor God, elephant mathematicians, and gasps at a could-be creationist. Read more.

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After Eden

After Eden

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