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October 18, 2008

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Q: What Was the Post-Flood World Like?

A: The Flood of Noah’s day was the greatest catastrophe in earth history, and it involved much more than rain. It reshaped the surface of the earth, spawning massive volcanoes and earthquakes that dwarf anything observed in modern times. Such a tremendous catastrophe would have radically altered the earth’s climate, resulting in an Ice Age.

In general terms, an “ice age” is a time of extensive glacial activity that covers a relatively large area with ice. During the Ice Age, which ended a few thousand years ago, 30% of the land surface of the earth was covered by ice. In North America an ice sheet covered almost all of Canada and the northern United States.

We know the extent of the Ice Age because the glaciers left features on the landscape similar to features we observe around glaciers today, such as lateral and terminal moraines. A “lateral moraine” is a mound of rocks of varying sizes deposited to the side of a moving glacier, and a “terminal” or “end” moraine is a mound of rocks dumped in front of the glacier.

Two particular aspects of the Flood were instrumental in causing the Ice Age: (1) extensive volcanic activity during and after the Flood, and (2) the warm oceans following the Flood.

To learn more about the cause and extent of the Ice Age, see Setting the Stage for an Ice Age.

News to Note Quick Look

Sticking its neck out: The supposed missing link Tiktaalik is back in the news again, rearing its ugly “evolutionary” head on the supposed transitional element of a mobile neck. Read more.

Shopping for fossils: The world’s oldest (allegedly) fossilized impression of a flying insect wasn’t found in a rock quarry in an exotic setting; it was found behind a strip mall in suburban Massachusetts. Read more.

Also: peaceful no more, the money to kill, and suing God. Read more.

Free Video on Stem Cell Research

Cloning, Stem Cells, and the Value of Life

Cloning and stem cell research have come up as extremely “hot topics” across the U.S. The misinformation regarding embryonic stem cell research and other forms of stem cell research is rampant. With that in mind, Answers in Genesis has placed a very special video online for free viewing, Cloning, Stem Cells, and the Value of Life.

While addressing the ethical issues surrounding embryonic and adult stem cell research, popular speaker Mike Riddle deflates the myths and false reports given by the media. The value of human life is inescapable in his hard-hitting conclusion.

Be sure to share this free video with friends and family so that they too can get the complete story about this important—yet little understood—debate.

Prayer Requests

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

After Eden

Legs that Mock, knees that bow

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand: <The History & Impact of The Genesis Flood
The History & Impact of The Genesis Flood (part 1) Watch Video


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