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November 8, 2008

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Q: Did Ken Ham walk with dinosaurs?

A: Walking with Dinosaurs is much more than a theatrical stage show that is now on a two-year run in large arenas around America. It is a 70-minute lecture on evolution as much as it is a form of entertainment that features large, realistic-looking animatronic dinosaurs. That is not too surprising, given that Walking with Dinosaurs was spun off from the evolution-filled BBC TV program of the same name (the British series was eventually shown on American TV—see our review of the TV program).

The stage show we saw last Sunday evening on the campus arena of Northern Kentucky University—which showcased an impressive collection of 12-plus dinosaurs—took up the entire floor of the arena. Overall, it manifested the same commitment to visual quality as the ground-breaking BBC TV series. Children around us shrieked with glee and named the dinosaurs as they came out from behind a huge curtain and paraded in front of us, as puppeteers of a high-tech sort (with no wires, though) manipulated the realistic movements of the huge creatures. Simulated earthquakes and a comet collision also enhanced the show, but the program does suffer from some lulls, especially when the narrator gives the audience an overview of supposed dinosaur-evolution history and how they are still with us today (as birds).

The heavy evolutionary emphasis of Walking with Dinosaurs—including the frequent use of the evolutionary timeline of millions of years—is in direct contrast to what we present in our Creation Museum located just a 20-minute drive west of the arena. Unfortunately, Walking with Dinosaurs is so well crafted that it helps make its scientific claims appear legitimate.

Read more about Ken Ham’s experience “walking with dinosaurs” in Staged Evolution.

News to Note Quick Look

Hickory, dickory, dock, these mice turned back the clock: Mice frozen for 16 years have been successfully cloned by Japanese scientists. Could mammoths be next? Read more.

Is the truck on empty? Fill it up with some fun-gas: Factors in petroleum production: high pressure and heat, millions of years, underground drilling, and . . . tree fungus? Read more.

Also: a village full of Crocodile Hunters; breaking the ice—and all credulity; shields up!; evolutionists catch up on “races”; obituary: Michael Crichton, 66, author. Read more.

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After Eden

After Eden

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Video On Demand: Cloning, Stem Cells, and the Value of Life
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