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December 6, 2008

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Q: Was the Creation Museum expelled?

A: A simple business relationship between two popular attractions in the Cincinnati area has turned into a national controversy.

Over the weekend, the famed Cincinnati Zoo announced on its website that it was featuring a combo ticket package with AiG’s Creation Museum, one that would save visitors $9. By Monday morning, the zoo had received such a firestorm of criticism from atheists and other evolutionists about the business relationship (much of it coordinated from outside the region) that the zoo pulled the plug on the short-term arrangement.

Visit Expelled from the Zoo to read the news release we composed (in conjunction with our publicist) as the media calls began to come in to our offices. In addition, for an in-depth look on the zoo flap, and to read some of the newspaper articles about it (including a national story circulated by the Associated Press, plus the top story in our hometown newspaper the Cincinnati Enquirer on Tuesday), go to Ken Ham’s blog. At the blog, you will also read a selection of some strikingly intolerant comments from those who attack Christianity and applaud the zoo for ending the tourism partnership.

News to Note Quick Look

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The tools to shake up evolution: Yesterday’s humans weren’t as sophisticated as today’s humans—according to today’s humans. Read more.

Also: how the turtle got its shell, version 324; can evolution heal all—or any—wounds?; we weren’t asking, but they’re still telling; the power of design; a full-“scale” power source; a Bronze Age fashionista; a taxing debate; was the Creation Museum expelled? Read more.

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After Eden

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