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January 24, 2009

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Q: Is the Big Bang the best theory?

A: The beliefs that humans have entertained about the universe for most of history are radically different from the views held by most scientists today. The epic discoveries of Newton on gravity, Galileo on the planets, Copernicus on the place of the earth in the solar system, Tycho Brahe on the planetary orbits, and others have revolutionized our view of cosmology. Even the knowledge discovered in the last century alone has drastically changed our worldview. Computers, improved telescopes, and new research techniques that allow us to view more of the universe in greater detail then ever before have revealed one surprise after another.

Currently, the most widely accepted hypothesis of the universe’s origin (and everything in it) is a theory called the Big Bang. This view hypothesizes that the Big Bang was an explosion of “space itself”—a concept difficult to understand partly because most people think of an explosion as the expansion of a material substance in space. Today, instead of “explosion” the preferred term is “expansion,” although many people, including many scientists who are not astronomers, think of it as an explosion of matter only. Terminology aside, the Big Bang is the “creation myth that has dominated cosmology since the 1960s.”

In popular-science journals and scholarly papers alike, the Big Bang is almost universally spoken of as established fact, even though much controversy still exists about the theory among scientists and others.

Read the full, technical look at bias in cosmological science: A Brief History of Intolerance in Modern Cosmology, the newest paper in the Answers Research Journal.

News to Note Quick Look

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After Eden

After Eden

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Video On Demand: Image of God or Planet of the Apes
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