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February 14, 2009

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Q: Can an intellectual be a Christian?

A: It was the debate of the century: Does God Exist? In the academic setting of the University of California (Irvine), atheist Dr. Gordon Stein would formally debate pastor and philosopher Dr. Greg Bahnsen. But this debate would go quite differently than most. Rather than merely presenting various scientific and historical evidences for God, Dr. Bahnsen methodically showed that the Christian God must be presupposed in order to make sense of anything whatsoever! The things we take for granted such as science, morality, and even the very laws of logic used in such debates, only make sense in the Christian worldview with the biblical God at its foundation. Thus, God must exist!

Greg had “pulled out the rug” from under his opponent, demonstrating that only Christian theism could make sense of the debate itself. Dr. Stein was unable to answer this powerful argument, and his own arguments for atheism were systematically demolished by Dr. Bahnsen’s keen intellect. With appropriate gentleness and respect, Dr. Bahnsen had rationally destroyed the position of his opponent.

Christianity had unequivocally triumphed over atheism. And the audience knew it. They chuckled at Dr. Bahnsen’s frequent use of humorous and memorable analogies, and at his quick and clear answers to Dr. Stein’s attacks. When I first listened to this debate, I was truly amazed at Greg’s arguments and responses; they were both brilliant and thoroughly biblical. I said to myself, “This man thinks and argues like Christ.” Indeed, the brilliant responses that Christ in His earthly ministry gave to His critics are echoed in the way Dr. Bahnsen debated. I decided to find out more about Dr. Bahnsen and his strikingly effective approach to apologetics.

Continue reading Dr. Jason Lisle’s review of “the antidote to sloppy apologetics” and announcement of our new web series at New Apologetics Web Series with Greg Bahnsen, Ph.D.

Readers may note that some articles this and next week seem familiar. We wanted to make these older “gems” more easily available to those coming to the site during the “week of Darwin.” We hope you enjoy reading—or rereading—these responses to common Darwinism-related topics.

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After Eden

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