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March 7, 2009

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Q: Where are all the bunny fossils?

My friend asked me this question “find me a fossilised bunny in the cambrian or any equivalent...just one. thats all you would need.’
What would be a good response to that.
—M.L., San Clemente, California

A: Thank you for passing along your friend’s question. So, where are all the bunny fossils? At first, it appears to be a riddle for creationists. The implication behind the question is that, if the fossil record isn’t an accurate record of millions of years of evolution, then why is there a neat order to it? If most of the fossil record was laid down all at once by the global Flood, then why are rabbits found only in “recent” Tertiary and Quaternary sediments rather than in the sediments belonging to the “ancient” Cambrian period?

First, we must look at the very validity of the geologic column. Is there actually a definable Cambrian period that exists in the sedimentary layers, independent of uniformitarian and evolutionary presuppositions? What we find is that the geological column is not nearly as straightforward as evolutionists suggest. For one thing, nowhere on earth is the entire fossil record visible. The schema is pieced together by correlating exposed rock layers from around the globe. So, it represents a composite picture, not an exact sequence that covers the globe. Radiometric dating and other evolutionary presuppositions are then applied to the composite column.

Instead, we see a tendency toward order. For example, when found at the same sites, marine fossils are generally in sedimentary layers well below dinosaur fossils. However, even this fact can be deceiving, because we don’t often find different kinds of fossils together. An incredible 95 percent of the fossils we find are of shallow marine organisms, like corals and shellfish—and sometimes we find those even in high sedimentary layers, even on top of Mt. Everest! The next 4.75 percent are fossils of algae, plants, and invertebrates (such as insects). That leaves only a quarter of one percent (0.25) of all fossils that are of vertebrates. But an incredible 99 percent of these fossils are only a single bone!

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