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June 6, 2009

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Q: What happened at the Fall?

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A: Genesis 3 is one of the most important chapters in the Bible. Without it, we can’t even begin to understand the darkness that blankets the earth. With it, we can catch a glimpse of the light, which shines in the darkness. Have you seen the light?

This morning I spent time with a friend who will die of cancer any day now. She is a loving wife and mother, but her body has been reduced by disease to about sixty pounds. Life isn’t fair. Around the country we continue to hear talk about the economic recession and job losses; from the international news, we hear the ravages of the latest terrorist attack or the most recent flare-up in the Middle East. What in the world has gone wrong?

You could argue that good results come from bad circumstances, such as the case of a man who eventually became my friend and a Christian after I ran into his car. But frankly, it’s hard to see a good purpose behind the sheer quantity of natural and moral evil.

These questions are troubling but should cause less dissonance for those who believe the Bible. Scripture is clear that this world is not the world that came from the Creator’s hand originally. Something happened.

Continue reading Lessons From the Fall by theologian Dr. W. Gary Phillips. It’s a special sneak peek into the new July–September edition of Answers magazine.

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After Eden

After Eden

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