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June 20, 2009

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Q: Is there an “ultimate proof of creation”?

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

A: Many creationists are searching for a “magic bullet”—a proof of creation so powerful that there can be no true rebuttal. But is there such a proof? In our brand-new book The Ultimate Proof of Creation we find that there is!

When many people think of “proof,” they often think of a particular piece of scientific evidence that they believe supports their position. They might be thinking of a particular fossil series or a specific rock or a DNA sequence. The problem with such evidences is that there is always another way to understand them.

An evolutionist looking at a fossil series is thinking in terms of common descent, whereas a creationist is thinking in terms of variation within a kind. An evolutionist looks at the similarities in DNA and concludes that there is a common ancestor. But a creationist, looking at those same similarities, sees evidence that there is a common Creator.

We all have access to the same physical evidence. But creationists and evolutionists interpret that evidence differently because we each have a different view of history. We have two distinctly different views of the world that constrain how we understand the evidence. So, there simply is no “magic bullet” if we are thinking in terms of specific scientific evidences. Nevertheless, there is a proof of creation.

Continue reading Dr. Jason Lisle’s overview of his new book in Is There an “Ultimate Proof of Creation”?

News to Note Quick Look

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