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August 8, 2009

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Q: Is the Bible incomplete?

I’ve read all the articles on your web-site regarding the Apocryphal Gospels, but I need some more insight. The Catholics believe our Bible is incomplete. I understand that 1 Maccabee 9:27 says there were no prophets, but so does Psalm 74:9. If God’s Word expands further than my Bible I need to know.
—B.B., U.S.

A: Thank you for contacting Answers in Genesis. As you surely know, the Roman Catholics have the same New Testament as Protestants. The issue is solely over the Old Testament books. Even then, the list given by the Roman church is different than that given by Orthodox churches, whose division with Rome occurred far earlier than later Protestant reformers.

When 1 Maccabees 9:27 says “prophets ceased to exist among them” at that time, that eliminates the book itself—as well as the second book, also by Maccabees—as Scripture. One may too quickly assume the same thing must be the case with Psalm 74; however, the styles of both are immensely different.

Continue reading as Bodie Hodge answers the question of the Old Testament Apocrypha in Feedback: Is the Bible Incomplete?

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