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August 22, 2009

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Q: What are your children learning?

A: After our first child Nathan was born, my wife and I would pray with our baby son—even singing some of our favorite hymns to him. After a few weeks, as our son became more aware of his surroundings and began responding to light, colors, and other things, we began showing him pictures in books.

Each of our five children grew up with creationist resources, such as Dinosaurs: Those Terrible Lizards—the first major children’s book on dinosaurs written by a creationist (Dr. Duane Gish). Now, just because children can’t read a book at a young age doesn’t mean you can’t use it to begin teaching them—particularly if the books have large, colorful illustrations.

We would summarize to them what was written in the book, also pointing to the pictures that accompanied the text. As they gained more understanding, we would read the actual words of the books to them. Eventually, of course, they would be able to read the books themselves. In addition, the Bible was always a major resource we used with them (daily).

Our children grew up enjoying apologetics books that we used to intentionally prepare them to handle the attacks on Christianity and the Bible that they would experience as they grew older.

Although reading such books is not a guarantee of salvation, we do praise the Lord for our children who today still love the Lord and are saved in the Ark of salvation—the Lord Jesus Christ.

Accordingly, it shocked and then greatly burdened me when I read an alarming statistic from pollster George Barna that approximately two-thirds of young people in our churches will walk away from the church. We commissioned Britt Beemer’s America’s Research Group to conduct a national survey to find out why this horrible exodus was happening.

Read on as Ken Ham discusses the importance of training your children in It’s Never Too Early! Also, see this month’s back-to-school campaign, School: A Battleground?

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