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March 24, 2012

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Q: How can we harmonize the Gospel accounts of Christ’s Resurrection?

A: Some people assert that the Gospel accounts of the locations, witnesses, and timing of the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus are contradictory. Scripture exhorts us to be always prepared with answers for the hope that is in us.

As the annual time of our celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection draws near, Answers in Genesis is presenting a defense and proposed timeline of some of the most important events in history.

This timeline shows that there are absolutely no contradictions in the accounts of the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus. Like a good reporter piecing together a story from reliable eyewitnesses, we must examine all the eyewitness accounts recorded in God’s Word, realize by faith that for Scripture to be reliable they must all be true, and then see how they fit together without any contrivances.

Continue reading to see how these accounts are actually complementary rather than contradictory.

News to Note Quick Look

Bee bold: Bee scouts—their mission: to explore strange new fields, to seek out new flowers and new sources of food, to boldly go where no bee from their hive has gone before. Read more.

Deerslayers: Bones belonging to several of southwestern China’s ancient occupants have anthropologists debating whether they represent a new species of human or not. Read more.


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