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November 3, 2012

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Q: How does the sun’s temperature confirm Scripture?

A: Evidence now supports astronomers’ belief that the sun’s power comes from the fusion of hydrogen into helium deep in the sun’s core, but there is a huge problem. As the hydrogen fuses, it should change the composition of the sun’s core, gradually increasing the sun’s temperature. If true, this means that the earth was colder in the past. In fact, the earth would have been below freezing 3.5 billion years ago, when life supposedly evolved.

But evolutionists acknowledge that there is no evidence of this in the geologic record. They even call this problem the faint young sun paradox. While this isn’t a problem over many thousands of years, it is a problem if the world is billions of years old.

Continue reading to find out more about this evidence that confirms a young earth.

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News to Note Quick Look

Jurassic turtles: 1,800 turtles were violently swept into a watery grave in Chinese Jurassic rock layer.

HIV evolution: HIV mutation may make it more vulnerable to vaccines.

Moon boom: “Giant impact hypothesis” makes a comeback.

Gene genesis: Evolutionists claim to have demonstrated the evolution of a new function through gene duplication.

Galactic evolution: Interpretations of data from Deep Evolutionary Exploratory Probe reflect evolutionary expectations.

After Eden

After Eden

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