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March 16, 2013

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Q: How has radical feminism harmed the church?

A: While many feminists in the secular world characterize the Bible as oppressive to women, many evangelical feminists (i.e., professing Christians who believe feminist ideals are compatible with Scripture) claim that the passages on male headship are simply misunderstood.

Thanks to evangelical feminism, passages of Scripture on male headship in marriage are reinterpreted, explained away, or ignored altogether, and men are abdicating or being forced out of their God-given roles as heads of their households. Many churches have chosen to relegate Scripture that teaches that it is men who are to reside in leadership over the church to a place of “cultural” relevance—teachings that are outdated today because society has somehow reached a state of enlightenment.

The negative effects of this kind of postmodern thinking have led to serious attacks on the authority of Scripture and have weakened the relationships and structures in the church and in Christian families as a whole.

Continue reading as Steve Golden, AiG–U.S., examines the dangerous, postmodern effects of feminism with regard to biblical authority.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedArtificial Authority DVD

“Says who?!” In this must-see video, youth culture expert Bill Jack teaches how to recognize and counter the artificial authority of atheists, evolutionists, and others. Recorded live, the video includes lots of humor and memorable illustrations.

News to Note Quick Look

Drilling on Mars: Curiosity finally scratches the surface.

Arctic camel: Camel humps may have been the key to Arctic survival for ancient camels.

Home science done right: The Atlantic claims more and more homeschooling families embrace evolution and need books to teach it.

“Talk is cheep”: What do honeybee waggles and birdsong have to do with human speech?

Arkansas v. abortion: Arkansas boldly steps out to snatch a victory for life from the jaws of Roe v. Wade.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

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How to Respond to Someone Who Asks, “Why Is This Important?”
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